" Eitan succeeded not only in exciting, amusing and amazing with the wealth of tone-colors that he produced from his lips, but also in reacquainting the audience with the piccolo, as one of the proudest members of the family of the musical instruments…" (Ha'aretz) 

"with the appearance of Lior Eitan, the stage suddenly seemed flooded with light. Eitan"s tone is bright, and he plays immaculately. Each tone, each phrase, is flawlessly modelled…It is a pleasure to listen to Eitan. He posseses a brilliant technique and he takes any music seriously and treats it lovingly…" (Jerusalem Post)  

"A mature player, with rare virtuoso qualities, profound musical understanding and amazing colourfulness…" (Voice of Jerusalem)  

"Lior Eitan proved that the sound of the flute is not only sweet. It can also cry out with pain…" (Davar)