Hamami – the Western East – Part 1

Renowned piccoloist and Harpist of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Lior Eitan and Julia Rovinsky, perform this unusual instrumental combination in a live concert performance as part of Israeli Atnachta live broadcast on 12/2/07 in Henri Crown Hall Jerusalem, Israel.


Hamami – the Western East – Part 2


Hamami – the Western East – Part 3



Doppler – Andante and Rondo

Eyal Ein-Habar, Flute
Lior Eitan, Flute
Irit Rob-Levi, Piano
Flute Day – 2005, Israel Philharmonic
Mann Auditorium



S. M. Barchan – "Crying In The Distance"

world premiere, Tel Aviv, June 2008
Dedicated to Lior Eitan

Although taking the timbral possibilities of the piccolo as a starting point, the largest inspiration to the work came from the title Crying In The Distance, which is a distorted version of the second line in the short, austere poem Dawn by Philip Larkin. The poem was published in Larkin's first collection of poems called The North Ship, marking his debut as a poet between 1943 and 1945.

To wake, and hear a cock
Out of the distance crying, 
To pull the curtains back 
And see the clouds flying – 
How strange it is 
For the heart to be loveless, and as cold as these



 S. Cohen – "My Soul Will Rejoice"

Humoristic description of us – Israelis – impatient on one hand and very nostalgic on the other.

The work was commissioned by Lior Eitan for his recital in the NFA convention in San Diego in 2005, with the support of the Yehoshua Rabinovitch foundation for the Arts, Tel Aviv.

Recorded at the Classical studio, Herzeliya, 1/6/10
Recording engineer – Eyal Zaliouk




C. M. von Weber – “Andante and Rondo Ungarese” op. 35
(trans. L. Eitan)
Lior Eitan – Piccolo
Milka Laks – Piano
Recorded at the Henri Crown Hall, Jerusalem, 2001.